Jhana (ヤナ Yana) is the gym leader of the Madorien City gym and she gives every trainer who beats her the Ruby Badge.


In the manga, Jhana has dark red hair and black eyes, but in the anime she has silky black hair and light brown eyes, like in the games.

In the manga, Jhana has a teal sleeveless shirt, black shorts, black shoes, and a jade jacket that she only wears outside of battle. In the games, she has on a light blue shirt, dark green jacket, black shoes, and dark blue shorts. In the anime she has on a jade green shirt, blue jacket she only wears outside of battle, dark brown shorts, and black sneakers.

In the movie, she has on a dark green sleeveless shirt, a neon yellow bracelet, black shorts just above her knees, and dark grey high-tops.

Appearances And Cameos

Jhana makes slight cameos in seasons three, four, and five. She also appears among the gym leaders who fight Gahthia during the events of the last movie.

In the manga, the only appearances she makes after leaving is when the gym leaders help the rangers beat Gahthia and her crew.

During her manga debut, she is seen in a Pokémon center rather than fighting Melony, because she lost to Melony, but that battle was not shown in the manga, only in the anime.

Her game character appears in the Relio City Gym, but leaves after the player wins. If the player loses, however, she will stay, but she can not be interacted with.

Pokémon Dream Team

In the Pokémon Ranger edition of Pokémon Dream Team, Jhana is one of the guides.


  • Jhana is the first gym leader to visit another gym while the player is battling the gym leader.
  • Jhana is the only gym leader to mythical Pokémon, that being Kalsio.
  • Kyyra has a Mishuto, which is a psedu legendary.
  • Jhana is the first character to have different appearances in the games, anime, and manga.