Melony Karper (メロニー Meronī) is a main character from the Pokémon Ranger series.

Debut Episode


Melony first appeared in the episode "When The Wind Catches Up To You". She appeared as ten year old girl. She was seen battling the Madorien City gym leader, Jhana.


Melony has dark brown hair and sea green eyes. Her skin is light.

In season one, Melony had on dark blue shorts, a teal sleeveless shirt with a red jacket, and her black shoes. Her hair at the time was in a side ponytail.

In season two, Melony's hair was cut shorter than usual. She had on a dark red skirt, a dark blue shirt, her red jacket, black stockings, and a teal bracelet was visible on her arm, but it later disappeared after she lost it in the episode Mountain Rangers.

In season three, she had on a dark green sleeveless shirt, a new silver jacket, baby blue shorts, and pale yellow shoes.

Aftermath Of The Rangers

​see Aftermath Of The Rangers for more info.
Melony and the rangers fight Gahthia to protect the world. This leads to the end of the Pokémon Ranger series after all the rangers go their own ways to be a Pokémon master.