Pokémon Journey is a Pokémon series that is censored around a girl named Akira Nosuki. The setting is the region of Alitha, located north of Kanto. It retells the story of Pokémon and has ten episodes, or ten chapters.


Name No. Description
Black Mist PJe1 Akira meets a girl named Bailey and finds a strange black mist in the forest that spreads across the area, but the others are unaware of it.
Ghost World PJe2 Akira and Bailey go to Kleberri City and challenge the gym leader. They then find a portal to the Ghost World and get a new friend, Aria.
Finding Mew PJe3 The trio battles a fisherman's son and he agrees to take them to Madoi City and get a new member, Jonathan. They also find a mythical Pokémon named Mew and beat the Madoi City Gym.
Space and Time PJe4 The group runs into a problem and Akira finds a strange man who the group presumes is possessed, and he summons a Pokémon, the almighty Hoopa. The group controls the situation and makes friends with the powerful Pokémon and restore time and space back to the correct order.
The Beast Of The Sea PJe5 The group finds themselves in a very troublesome position when some bad guys try to awaken the legendary Pokémon of the sea, Kyogre. The group works together, making friends with the Pokémon and continues down their path.
Calming Down A Volcano PJe6 In the peaceful city of Arenda, the same bad guys, who are now attempting to summon Groudon, but the group once again saves the day, returning the peace back to the city.

Of Magic and Curse

PJe7 The group finds a strange Pokémon, who turns out to be the Pokémon they've been trying to find all this time. The same one who spread the weird mist, but it ran away. They also escaped a dark dimension they fell into.
Heights PJe8 Akira's Cosmog evolves into a Lunala, and the group is frightened at first, but then it saves them by chasing away the bad guys and gives them a ride.
Another Ghost PJe9 Akira and friends run into a mysterious man, who ends up trying to send Aria back to the Ghost World. Her Banette saves her after awakening it's true form, and the group runs away.
The Shadows PJe10 Akira finds out the truth about Marshadow, and befriends it, making a new addition to her team. They also defeat the bad guys with the help of Marshadow.
The League PJe11 Akira participates in the league, and in the final stage of the league, she battles her childhood friend, Cookie, and then defeats the Elite Four, becoming the new champion.


Akira Nosuki

Akira Nosuki is the main protagonist of the series. Her main team consists of a Mismageon nicknamed Mismagius, a Marshadow, an Espeon, an Umbreon, a Lunala, a Chandelure, and a Sylveon.

She makes friends with Sol, Harley, Spindy, Aria, Jonathan, Bailey, Cookie, Crystal, Marina, and Natalia. 


Aria was once known as the Ghost Girl up until the point when she decided to join Akira, and was transformed to human with the Ghost Stone. Her main team consists of a Banette, a Trevenant, a Palossand, and a Oricorio. Her speciality is Ghost Types.

Her past is unknown, the only thing she remembers from her childhood being her Banette.


The son of a fisherman, Jonathan was expected by his family to take over the fishing business but he decided to instead follow his heart and becomes a Pokémon trainer. His team consists of a Glaceon, a Sylveon, a Leafeon, a Vaporeon, a Gyrados, and a Flebébé.


Bailey, known in the games as Lass Bailey when you first meet her, is a go-with-the-flow type of girl who enjoys living in the moment. Her careless attitude later changes when they run into Team Star.

Her team consists of a Wigglytuff, a Chansey, an Eevee, and a Kadabra. She prefers Fairy types, but does not specialize in them.


Cookie is Akira's childhood friend who challenges her during the league, but loses. Her team consists of a Charizard, a Mantine, a Dragonite, a Flygon, and an Altaria. She specializes in Dragon Types.